Asian Pork Mince from HECK!

An Oriental Time-Saver.

HECK BaoHere is another tasty and meaty innovation from HECK. They are offering, for a limited time, sticky soy-seasoned British pork mince with chilli, ginger and spring onion. It’s a perfect combination of flavours to massage into a host of Asian favourites.

HECK Asian Pork Mince is a canvas on which to build filled bao buns, which are simple to make and trending just now; Thai noodles are always popular and a great way to feed a crowd in spectacular fashion; Pot Stickers make a great starter and the filling is already mixed for you.

Make the dishes your own

The mince is gluten-free, high protein and just 3% fat, too, and at a very reasonable price of £3 for a 500g pack. The meat is already seasoned but can be further personalised to make the dishes your own. One might add a little white pepper and some oyster sauce. Extra chilli and pinch of Szechuan pepper would be vibrant. Hoisin and Chinese Five Spice is a classic pairing. Lemongrass, shrimp paste and fish sauce are distinctively Thai.

HECK Asian MinceFrom September 14th, Asian Pork Mince joins the HECK range. The meat will be available at Aldi for just three weeks – so pick up a pack and stock up the freezer while you can.