Al Fresco

Inspired Ideas for Outdoor.

al frescoThis is a cookbook but it’s also something of a travelogue. Its pages offer recipes as well as images of idyllic outdoor lifestyles from the US and beyond.

Al Fresco: Inspired Ideas for Outdoor presents stories from 25 individuals, couples, and families who embrace nature and who evidently appreciate good food. Yes, there are recipes aplenty here. There are mountain landscapes, lush greenery and beaches to tempt the reader to find their own little tranquil oasis. There are suggestions of what to do as well as what to eat outside.

Family and friends out in the fresh air

This book will doubtless encourage people away from the TV and to rekindle relationships with family and friends out in the fresh air, and with some delicious dishes too! My pick of the recipes includes Harissa-roasted Carrot Hummus from North Africa via Santa Barbara. Sicilian-style Pizza is actually from Portland, Oregon. Undone Cheesecake comes from London rather than the US.

It’s summer in England, and garden dining and picnics are on our near horizons. Al Fresco: Inspired Ideas for Outdoor would be a great gift for all of us who long to take greater advantage of our green spaces.

Al Fresco: Inspired Ideas for Outdoor
Author: Julie Pointer Adams
Published by: ‎Artisan Division of Workman Publishing
Price: £27.99
ISBN-13: 978-1648290824