500 Pizzas and Flatbreads by Rebecca Baugniet – review

500 Pizza and Flatbreads I have never come across anyone who doesn’t like bread and there are very few people who would pass up on a deliciously garnished pizza. 500 Pizzas and Flatbreads has enough ideas to keep everyone happy. It’s another volume in the Apple Press 500 series of books. They are always well written and well presented with great shelf-appeal, but  they are also  thoroughly practical.

Rebecca Baugniet is a freelance food writer who has also penned 500 Pies and Tarts and has worked as the food consultant on other books in the 500 series and her passion for food is evident in this smashing volume.

Making bread isn’t rocket science, dear reader. All you need are a few simple ingredients and a couple of good recipes. Bread dough is versatile and more forgiving than you would imagine. Pizza and flatbreads are a good start for the novice baker. They are after all…er, flat! It’s the light and lofty loaf that worries people but that’s not what we are after here.

If you are a lover of a good quality pizza then you will expect to part with quite a bit of cash for each pie. If you make your own you have several advantages. First, freshness and quality. (OK that’s two but I am trying to be fair!) Second, your choice is endless, everything from traditional cheese and tomato with a sprig of fresh basil, to figs! Third, you’ll send the kids to Uni on the money you’ll save. You need the cash more than the lad on the moped does!

Rebecca has provided us with several basic pizza base recipes and then it’s on to the delicious variations. There is everything from the most humble but classic and still popular cheese-topped pizza to Steak and Mushroom Pizza. There are hundreds of recipes here and you’ll make little adjustments to suit your taste. Once you have mastered the simple technique of making the dough then there will be no stopping you.

If you prefer more classic flatbreads then you’ll be pleased to find Classic Fougasse with its tang of black olives. Focaccia has the delicate flavour of olive oil and the crunch of sea salt. Crisp Rye Flatbread or “knackerbrod” is listed here and would be lovely served with some flavourful cheese. The list of flatbreads is almost endless and truly international. There are lots from India, Mexico and the USA.

500 Pizzas and Flatbreads offers plenty of advice to the novice bread maker as well as an amazing selection of recipes both classic and contemporary to the more experienced baker. Another great value book from Apple Press.

500 Pizzas and Flatbreads
Author: Rebecca Baugniet
Published by: Apple Press
Price: £ 9.99
ISBN 978-1-84543-270-6


Cookbook review by Chrissie Walker © 2018


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