Young Living Mostly Mary

Mostly MaryIt’s now seriously autumn and the next big event will be Christmas. Young Living Essential Oils help us remember our gardens filled with tomatoes kissed with the long-gone summer sun; rosemary in pots graced the patio.

Young Living have a wide range of essential oils for well-being and spa use, but they also offer food-grade products …or should that be cocktail-grade products? They add extra zing to one’s drinks and just one drop is all that’s needed. Now it’s easy to create mixed drinks with clean flavours.

A new take on a classic cocktail

Young Living Rosemary Essential oil has the unmistakable flavour of that favourite Mediterranean herb. It creates a marvellous marriage with tomato juice to create a new take on a classic cocktail. A well-spiced Bloody Mary is a thing of tasteful beauty and the addition of rosemary oil offers freshness. I have called this new cocktail a Mostly Mary. It contains all the usual suspects, and they can be added in quantities to suit the sipper. A little horseradish, a dash of Worcester sauce and chilli sauce are now joined by just a drop of Young Living Rosemary Essential oil. Garnish with celery, cherry peppers and perhaps a sprig of rosemary from the patio.

These essential oils open a host of cocktail possibilities. They are easy to use and a little goes a long way. Young Living products are great value for money with dozens of potential drinks in each little bottle. A wonderful gift for any budding mixologist.


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