Wild and Game to promote year-round game eating at the Game Fair 2019

Game Fair at Hatfield House, July 26-28

Wild and Game, the Somerset-based not for profit company working to turn the UK into a nation of game eaters, will promote eating game in summer at this year’s Game Fair at Hatfield House, July 26-28.

While game season is traditionally the time to enjoy game, Wild and Game produces frozen game products, making it possible to enjoy these healthy, delicious meats at any time of the year.

The company has created a range of game pies, sausages, burgers and ready meals with the aim of taking the stress out of cooking game. By using game as a key ingredient in some of Britain’s favourite dishes – from chicken tikka masala to pies, the company aims to encourage people to enjoy game in the place of meats such as pork, beef and chicken, and maybe inspire them to cook with game themselves. With that in mind, Wild and Game also sells packs of high-quality game meat.

“The Game Fair is a key event in our calendar, and this year we’ll be handing out samples of some of our newest creations, including pies from award-winning makers,” says Steven Frampton, who co-founded Wild and Game with Michael Cannon in 2017.

“We feel game has historically been under-used in the UK, despite the fact that it is delicious, healthy and very readily available. We aim to address that by making it easy to enjoy game, and part of our mission is to demonstrate that it’s a great meat to enjoy all year round. We hope our presence at the game fair will help to spread the word.”

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