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Wild and Game
wild and game pies Yes, I love cooking, but I don’t want to be chained to the range when time doesn’t allow. There are plenty of pre-prepared foods out there to take some of the strain from our hectic lives, but it’s important to seek out the best quality – the foods that are as good as one would make at home, or would like to. That’s where Wild and Game come to the rescue.

Wild and Game are rightly celebrated for their whole game-bird offerings, but they also do some baked goods and they are tempting. Their pies will become regular dinners chez nous, and for very good reason: they are quite simply good.

The pies arrive frozen and can be put straight into one’s home freezer. They will be on hand when a quick dinner is needed. Just heat as instructed and soon a mouth-watering aroma will be filling the kitchen. It’s so easy and quick.

Country Steak, Pheasant and Ale Pies and Premium Pheasant, Chicken and Mushroom Pies take advantage of the aforementioned game, although even the most aggressive chicken could hardly be accused of being wild. The common factor is that both of these pies are delicious.

No gaping gaps

We do pies very well in the UK but it’s the combination of a good pastry and generous filling that will make a pie memorable. Wild and Game maintain their standards and they are a joy to eat – and they are substantial, too! No gaping gaps between lid and filling, and no mystery meat in unappetising slurry. These pies are fine examples of the genre, and they are outstanding value.

We should all be eating less meat, so when we do we should choose the best and appreciate both its flavour and texture. Game is free-range, with birds and animals having had a good life eating organic vegetation in the countryside. These days we should think before we eat, and Wild and Game have wonderful suggestions.

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