Whisky The Connoisseur’s Journal – review

Whisky Guide Christmas isn’t far away. The ads on TV herald the coming season and offer the threat of Yuletide gift giving. Men are famously difficult with regard to pressies but for those chaps and indeed ladies who have a passion for whisky then the problem is solved. Whisky – The Connoisseur’s Journal is the must-have accessory.

It’s a handsome tome with a thick paper cover. It’s bilingual –yes, it seems they have whisky in France too. It’s divided into sections and the middle pages are indeed a journal for the Whisky Connoisseur. The pages are divided to enable the classy sipper to keep track of their bottles and to add tasting notes. This is a book for the serious collector and for those who have an appreciation of this fine spirit.

Whisky – The Connoisseur’s Journal is also a book full of information about whisky: how to store whisky, tasting, glassware, history, and whisky around the world. This is a gift suitable for the novice and the expert whisky lover.

Whisky – The Connoisseur’s Journal is a unique and thoughtful gift for any lover of all styles of whisky, and could possibly start a life-long hobby. Its not just one drink, one bottle but a subject as complex as wine and just as delicious!

Whisky – The Connoisseur’s Journal
Price: £19.95
Published by: Flammarion
Language: English and French
ISBN-10: 2080203398
ISBN-13: 978-2080203397

Book review by Chrissie Walker © 2018