Whisky Highball by Whitebox Cocktails

Classic in a Can.

Whisky HighballBetter weather will soon be with us and we are already planning social events. We are over the stress of the Christmas and New Year festivities and now it’s time to relax with friends. Whisky Highball by Whitebox Cocktails is a portable option for enjoying your favourite beverage wherever you go.

This classic whisky cocktail is crisp, refreshing and a convenient expression of whisky and soda with a fruity twist. The perfect drink for those who didn’t think they liked whisky. It’s mellow and well-balanced.

Whisky Highball by Whitebox Cocktails is a marriage of whisky and sparkling water. White Box Cocktails use 100% malted barley whisky from a single Highland distillery. It works as a long aperitif before dinner or as a casual sip at an alfresco lunch. Ideal for picnics as the mixing is already done! Whisky Highball is the most popular cocktail in Japan, where it’s consumed by both women and men in trending bars everywhere.

This Highball is best served well chilled. It can be consumed straight from the tin, but I think such an adult cocktail deserves to be presented in a proper glass with plenty of ice.

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Pale lemon with pronounced bubbles
Palate: Blended Scotch Whisky to the fore with notes of peach and pleasing fizz on the tongue from the soda.
Each can is 330ml with 8% ABV.


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