Uhuru – The Spirits Brand with a Conscience

Rum Supporting Conservation in Africa.

UHURU RUMSpirits in general have enjoyed something of a revival over the past decade. Yes, gin and vodka will remain popular, but rum is now on the up-and-up with Uhuru XO Caribbean Rum displaying all the characteristics of the genre …and more!

John, wildlife enthusiast and the co-founder of Young Spirits, took a life-changing trip to Africa and his personal spirit was moved by elephants. That’s where his childhood adventures searching for his favourite animals turned into a passion for conservation and, eventually, to Uhuru which means ‘freedom’ in Swahili.

Created and bottled by the Young Spirits team, Uhuru is a spirit brand making rum and whisky with wildlife conservation in Africa at the heart of its mission. 10% of its net profits are donated to the charity Tusk, which supports African wildlife care and management.

Reflecting its conservation ethos

Young Spirits is an Edinburgh-based bottling and spirits company with years of experience in the drinks industry. They have produced Uhuru which is a beautifully designed bottle with a classy label displaying a sketch of a rhino, reflecting its conservation ethos. The label is designed by artist and wildlife conservationist Paul Petroianu.

You might buy that first bottle to support the noble cause, but the second bottle will be purchased for the undeniable quality of the content. Uhuru is an aged Venezuelan Rum blended with Caribbean golden rum. It is then shipped to the U.K, to be bottled by Young Spirits!

Uhuru Rum is a classic Caribbean rum and will instantly appeal to serious rum aficionados. It offers a hint of oak from aging, with layers of the sweetness of dried tropical fruits and brown sugar. It would be the perfect spirit for any of your favourite rum cocktails or punches, but it is a polished rum and should be first enjoyed in your best cut-glass tumbler with a chunk of clear ice. That shaker might not see the light of day!


Uhuru Rum is available to buy from the Uhuru website for £39.99 www.uhuruspirits.co.uk