TOVARITCH Means Vodka!

One of the oldest vodkas in the world is one of the newest drinks in town – and globally it’s the most widely admired spirit of its kind. Made from a 200-year-old recipe and recently rediscovered, TOVARITCH! Premium Vodka boasts 145 professional awards, making this European brand the world’s most highly awarded vodka.

Until now, it’s been little known in the UK. Now it is launching nationwide.

The recipe was created in the 18th century by the noble family of Count Jules Rene Litta. Skip forward to the present day and Marquis Eugenio Litta Modignani rediscovered the family masterpiece and launched this authentic brand as TOVARITCH! Vodka.

Made in Latvia

Eugenio Litta Modignani, the CEO and founder of the company which has created the modern spirit, explains: “Don’t be misled by the Russian brand name. The word ‘tovaritch’ means ‘friend’ in Russian and reflects the recipe’s long heritage. We are a small Swiss-based company and so, as soon as the attacks by Russia on Ukraine began, we were immediately able to switch to European production in Latvia. That was over two years’ ago, in February 2022, and we haven’t looked back.”

Put a spritz in your step with this simple but sparkling cocktail – perfect on a Spring evening to remind us that Summer days are approaching.

Tovaritch CocktailThe TOVARITCH! Sunset Spritz


45ml TOVARITCH! Vodka

90ml Grapefruit soda

Squeeze of fresh pink grapefruit juice

Soda to top up

Garnish: Fresh pink grapefruit


Pour the TOVARITCH! Vodka, grapefruit soda and fresh juice into an ice-filled wine glass. Stir and then top with soda. Garnish with a slice of fresh pink grapefruit.

TOVARITCH! Vodka is beloved by vodka connoisseurs across the world: its smooth and delicious taste comes from being distilled five times and filtered 10 times. It has a zesty aroma, complemented by balanced notes of stone fruit and peppery spice. Look out for the elegant bottle with a blue label that proudly declares it is the world’s most awarded vodka.

You’ll find it in Amathus Drinks and good online drinks retailers priced at around £23-25 (RRP).