Tortilla Brings Back the Holiday Feeling

Most-Loved Mexican Brand Offers Dinner for a Tenner Special Offer.

Tortilla Sunsets evening menu nationwide, with a £2.50 happy hour – reasons to be cheerful.

The UK’s most loved Mexican restaurant Tortilla is bringing back that holiday feeling with a special cost-of-living-busting dinner for just a tenner!

Tortilla, the real California burrito and taco joint, has created the mouthwatering Sunsets special deal evening menu across the UK as we look ahead to lighter, longer days and brighter weather.


For just £10 customers can enjoy a full evening meal after 5pm, including freshly prepared medium burritos, tacos, naked burritos or salads, complete with an authentic side of choice: juicy sweetcorn ribs smothered in sour cream; crunchy Tortilla chips and fresh salsa; or Mexican party dish, queso fundido (an indulgent mix of hot chipotle cheese and caramelised chorizo). Excluding add-ons such as guacamole, cheese sauce, chorizo and extra protein which are paid for separately.

Tortilla Sunsets also boasts an enticing £2.50 ‘happy hour’ offer (served with food only), which includes a Beavertown Neck Oil IPA, house Margarita, Mexican beers, premium craft ciders, or 0% options, available from 5-8pm daily (or all day Thursday-Saturday in Scotland) for Tortilla Club loyalty members.

At a time when everyone is feeling the pinch Tortilla is offering guests a taste of sunny Mexico and California at an incredibly affordable price. No bookings required.

Tortilla Marketing Director Megan Burton-Brown said: “Our restaurants are a great place to enjoy delicious food at affordable prices. Tortilla isn’t just a place for lunch, it’s a dining experience exploring healthy food combinations, enjoyed all day.”

Inspired by San Francisco’s taquerias, each restaurant boasts a relaxed vibe with neon lights and feelgood tunes, perfect for dinners with friends, family and colleagues. Every dish is made fresh to order and completely customisable, with mouthwatering toppings and fillings to suit all tastes, diets and cravings.

Real California Burritos & Tacos! The food is fast, filling and made fresh daily using quality ingredients. Tortilla makes every meal from scratch to your tastes – there are literally thousands of flavour combinations to try. And the best part? All the dishes are fully customisable to fit any diet or cravings – whether it’s a full, juicy burrito you’re after, a fresh naked burrito bowl, delicious tacos or a crispy melted cheese quesadilla. And it’s a bang for your buck, too! With satisfying, bursting-with-fresh-flavour meal options – and over 70% of the menu is plant-based and Vegan Friendly accredited.

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