Tokyo Direct Ginza Curry and Noodles

Tokyo Direct Ginza currtTokyo Direct is an online company and new to me. They specialise in Japanese food, drink, kitchen goods, stationery and bathroom items. Japanese food is more popular than ever so I was delighted to try some of their stock.

Your curry or noodles and I guess other foods will arrive in its original Japanese packaging. Don’t panic when it becomes evident that you don’t understand the cooking instructions: you will find advice on the web site. But really one could guess what to do.

This Ginza Curry is one of the most popular instant curry brands in Japan. It’s considered hot by Japanese standards and indeed would be by anyone not accustomed to spicy Indian food. I would say that this is a full-flavoured, aromatic and very traditional Japanese curry, and I love it. The texture is comforting, and one can adapt the curry to one’s own taste.

Most Japanese use these sachets or cubes

Curry came to Japan via the British Navy. It was so popular with home cooks that instant sauces were soon being produced. Most Japanese use these sachets or cubes for curry which they will likely make at least once a week, and they will, strangely, eat it with a spoon rather than chopsticks. There are restaurant chains throughout Japan that have menus full only of Japanese curry.

Put the Ginza Curry sachet in boiling water and leave for 5 minutes. Open the pack and pour it over hot Japanese rice. For a more substantial meal mix the sauce with hot cooked potatoes, carrots and onions, just as they would in Japan. If you want a meaty version, then add some cooked beef or chicken. The curry is also excellent served over a breaded pork chop in the style of Japanese Tonkatsu Curry. This would be a very easy way to impress your friends with your culinary skills – but don’t forget to hide the Ginza Curry box!

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