Thrive Boxes Naturally

Recipe boxes of quality foods

Thrive Recipe Boxes were new to me. Yes, there are plenty of food box delivery services around these days. It’s a sign of the times. But not all recipe boxes are created equal. Thrive is one of the better ones I have reviewed.

Thrive fillet steak

We enjoyed fillet steak, mushroom sauce, roast potatoes, tender-stem broccoli and spinach. Everything arrived well chilled and well packed. All the listed ingredients were there along with a recipe card. This was a home-cooked meal with the advantage of the careful shopping having conveniently been done for you.

The Thrive Box ethos is that their foods should be good for you and the planet. Each box is delivered to you from Ewerby Thorpe Farm in Lincolnshire. Their meat is home-grown, 100% pasture-fed and rich in Omega 3, vitamins and minerals. All the beef comes from their own herd of native-breed cows which are allowed to mature slowly. This natural approach allows the meat to develop the most juicy and flavourful beef.

We should all be mindful of our own health but also that of the planet. Many of us have chosen a semi-vegetarian path. When we do eat meat, we should be mindful of its provenance. We need to eat meat from cows that have had a good life and have been respected. It’s a special treat and a wonderful eat.

Each Thrive Box is complete with vegetables which are locally sourced from a group of selected growers. The portions are generous, and the choice of these sides is thoughtful, fresh and seasonal. One doesn’t have to have well-honed cheffy skills to create a professional result. These boxes will be particularly prized for those special meals and celebrations such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, etc.


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