The ultimate kitchen thermometer

thermometerProfessional Secrets have the ultimate kitchen thermometer and it’s just the perfect time of year when such a thing will be most appreciated. Think of that Christmas Turkey and how good it can be …and how bad it can be.

I confess! For years I never felt the need to use a kitchen thermometer. I cooked my meat just as they suggested on the packaging – and there is the problem! The Sunday roast was invariably a good half hour overcooked. If one is partial to grey and chewy meat, then just stick to those cooking times. But if you want to roast to succulent perfection then a thermometer is essential. I am sure you will notice the difference in the quality of your dishes.

The ultimate kitchen thermometer by Professional Secrets has an extremely thin, sensitive and fast-acting probe for accurate readings and easy use without damaging the food. Cutting-edge technology provides precise readings within seconds. Changing between measurements in Celsius or Fahrenheit is easy. There is a display that is clear and shows decimals. It is water resistant for ease of clean-up. There is a protective clip-on sheath, for practical and safe storage.

Included with every product from Professional Secrets is a booklet with advice and tips on how to get the most out of your kitchen tool.

Length overall: 229 mm/9”
Length of probe: 96 mm/3.8”

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