The Glenlivet Lights The Caribbean Fire

A warming marriage.

Smokin Hot Sauce

The Glenlivet has always offered innovation and fun times. Read my review here. The founder, George Smith, was the first to legally distil single malt whisky in The Glen nearly 200 years ago. To protect himself from the illegal distillers, a pair of flintlock pistols never left his side – that was until, on occasion, he actually used them! That’s the inspiration for the name of this Smokin’ Hot Pistols Sauce.

Today, The Glenlivet continue their traditions by partnering with the award-winning South London Sauce Co. to create this flavour-packing hot sauce with the iconic whisky as the cornerstone. This fiery pineapple and habanero hot sauce pairs well with all those summer BBQ goods. But winter is here and perhaps a cocktail with a bit of heat is what’s needed.

South London Sauce Co. makes delicious artisan sauces, brewed and bottled by hand in the heart of South London. From the mild to the wild, the ethos is simple – flavour first. Check out their other products and preparations at:

The Caribbean Fire

Made with small-batch hot sauce, this fiery cocktail packs a warming punch. A tropical take on a classic Bloody Mary, why not?


50 ml The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve
25 ml Pineapple Juice
2 tsp Smokin’ Hot Pistols Sauce
15 ml Lime Juice
10 ml Agave Nectar
Pink Grapefruit Soda (to top)


Shake all ingredients (apart from the Pink Grapefruit Soda) and strain into a tall glass over cubed ice.

Top with Pink Grapefruit Soda and stir lightly.

Top with more ice if required and garnish with Pineapple Leaves, a Pineapple Wedge and a thin slice of Red Chilli.


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