The Divine Chunky Chocolate Gift Set

The Feel-Good Factor.

Divine Chunky Chocolate Gift SetIt will soon be the season for gift-giving. One might contemplate a grand piano for Jimmy, a racehorse for Sue, or a new super-yacht for dad. Along with those treats it’s always nice to have a little stocking-filler, and chocolate will always hit the spot. The Divine Chunky Chocolate Gift Set offers sweet variety in bars which are just the perfect size.

The Divine Chunky Chocolate Gift Set contains 6 x 35g bars of luxurious Fairtrade certified chocolate in six flavours. The set includes creamy white chocolate, smooth dark chocolate, orange milk chocolate, milk and white cappuccino, salted caramel milk chocolate and smooth milk chocolate.

Participate in equitable trading

These days we have many options for gifts, apart from those aforementioned extravagances. We could sponsor a well, buy a goat or a share in a cow. But we could also participate in equitable trading by simply enjoying Divine Chocolate.

The chocolate industry is valued at approximately $100 billion worldwide. But the cocoa farmers who grow the essential ingredient typically only earn about $1 per day. Divine state that farmers should be sustainably remunerated as suppliers, and also have a say in their future. The company has supported many co-operative projects, such as women’s empowerment. A payment of $240 per tonne of cocoa lets farmers decide how to invest in community initiatives. That benefits whole villages.

Divine presents us with delicious chocolate which will make both the giver and the receiver feel good in so many ways.


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