Tesco Tempranillo Rioja

Ramon Bilbao Spanish Classic.

Tesco RiojaThis mouth-filling red is a great all-rounder. Ramon Bilbao Tempranillo Rioja 2019 offers all the expected character of Rioja and at a very reasonable price from your local Tesco.

Bodegas Ramón Bilbao was founded in 1924 in the town of Haro, Wine Capital of Rioja. Today they have 265 hectares of vineyards growing both Rioja and Rueda grapes. These vineyards are found high on the slopes of the Sierra Cantabria (up to 800 metres) therefore the grapes ripen late yet retain fresh acidity, allowing the resulting wine to age well – although I wouldn’t keep this for more than a year. Enjoy it now rather than just admiring the bottle for months.

Spain’s most cultivated red grape variety

Tempranillo is the primary and most celebrated grape in this region. It has been grown in the area we now know as Spain since the time of the Phoenicians. Spain grows around 90% of the world’s Tempranillo grapes, and it is Spain’s most cultivated red grape variety. Its well-balanced tannins and acid have wide appeal as a style which pairs perfectly with roast meats and robust cheeses. Serve at room temperature and allow the wine to breathe for a couple of hours. This could be cooled a little in the fridge in warmer weather.

Ramon Bilbao Tempranillo Rioja 2019 is an award-winner and a classic expression of this region’s most celebrated wine. It has black fruits in abundance with hints of oak and tobacco for richness. It has a medium-long finish so stands up well when served with highly flavoured foods.

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