STRYYK – Not Vodka

It’s a new age. We worry about the planet, bush fires, floods, and living cleaner and leaner. That thrust is also found in bars. Legless lads and pavement-hugging princesses are no longer considered cool, with those lost nights closely followed by equally disastrous mornings. STRYYK – Not Vodka could solve both those aforementioned undignified problems.

StryykNot Vodka by STRYYK was launched in January 2019. Its chunky rounded-square bottle has a simple transparent label which offers great shelf appeal. This isn’t vodka but a non-alcoholic replacement. It is rather difficult to formulate a convincing vodka without alcohol which one could sip over ice. It has so much to do with mouth feel. But this Not Vodka is a beverage that works perfectly as a cocktail, and it does have a pronounced flavour, therefore offering a unique mixology opportunity.

Partners well with exotic fruit juices

STRYYK Not Vodka combines the warming spice of peppers with the cooling freshness of cucumber. There is evident sweetness which partners well with exotic fruit juices. I noted a hint of black tea, an element which could enhance rich cocktails, and there is a suspicion of blossom. The finish is very much about the spice.

STRYYK Not Vodka is just what it says on the bottle… not vodka. It’s an interesting replacement which should be considered as a ‘spirit’ in its own right. This has the potential to gain quite a following of people who just like the taste with no need for embarrassing apologies after an evening out. This is one to watch.

It’s 100% natural with no fat, no carbs and no artificial flavours.

Distilled and bottled in the UK.

STRYYK products contain all-natural ingredients, and sediment may be present.

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