Squeezing Miso Tasty

Miso TastyJapanese food is more popular than ever. Sushi has been the go-to dish for many, but real Japanese food is far more complex and delicious than cold fish and rice. Miso is the cornerstone of the Japanese pantry and now we can all find a convenient tube to enhance recipes from both East and West.

Miso Tasty is the company providing this flavour of Japan. They offer these handy sauces but also jars of miso and miso soups. It’s a traditional and wholesome product and gut-healthy as it is a fermented food full of live bacteria cultures. The sauce is made with naturally fermented rice and soy miso from Japan, sweetened with Japanese mirin, another traditional Japanese condiment.

Brighten vegetables

Miso is savoury and bursting with umami. It’s the element that makes vegetable dishes taste ‘meaty’. It is often consumed as the basis for soups but is perfect for dressings and is indispensable as the topping for ‘Miso Aubergine’, for instance. The salty edge to miso means that a little goes a long way, but that dab will brighten vegetables and white fish and tofu. Try a smear on grilled courgettes. That makes an economic and different side dish during the summer when we have a glut of those vegetables.

Miso Tasty offers Teriyaki in a tube, too. It is also full of that umami flavour from naturally fermented soy sauce. This will appeal to those who must have meat. Teriyaki is both sweet and savoury and can be used to enhance almost anything destined for the grill – simply brush onto cubes of chicken before introducing to the coals. Fish lovers will enjoy a topping of teriyaki with breadcrumbs to give a crunch to grilled or even fried cod.

Miso Tasty has a range of practical and delicious goods that will enhance meals and elevate dinner with little effort.


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