Squeaky Bean – healthy and delicious

No-guilt and tasty meatless meals

It’s been a year of shock and re-evaluation. The last twelve months were full of tragedy and loss, but there have been positives and they will endure, even when lockdowns are thing of the past. We spend more time in the kitchen and we pay attention to what we eat. Squeaky Bean offers no-guilt and delicious meatless meals which will be appreciated by vegetarians and carnivores alike.

squeaky bean cajunMeatless alternatives have come a long way in just a couple of years. These foods now have taste, texture and visual appeal. Squeaky Bean have a range of sustaining products that can be easily transformed into tasty and fun meals for the whole family.

The Cajun Mini Fillets are new to the Squeaky Bean range and are said to have a ‘chunkier’ bite than their other chicken-style pieces. They are made with marinated wheat and pea protein and have a very convincing texture, making them appealing to anybody who might be expecting real meat.

Realistic meaty alternatives

Squeaky Bean “wanted to create more intense flavour in a totally unique mini-fillet shape”, said Squeaky Bean co-founder Sarah Augustine. “As vegan food moves away from simple substitutes, there’s no reason for plant-based food lovers to miss out on tasty grilled flavours and realistic meaty alternatives.”

Squeaky Bean Tikkas and Cajun Mini Fillets make the perfect filling for a wrap. Just add a few veggies and some chutney or salsa and one has a flavourful fusion lunch. These meats are great in salads too! The deli pastrami makes a hearty sandwich with some leaves, a little mustard and perhaps a pickle. Guilt-free but not lacking in the good stuff.

I am not a vegan or vegetarian and I don’t fancy eating food just to save the planet. But I only eat real meat a couple of times each week. The remaining meals are made from fresh vegetables and fruits, but Squeaky Bean give me high-end alternatives. I would choose this range just because both taste and texture are so good – and I will have the gratification of knowing I am doing my bit for the next generation.

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