SodaStream ART™

Add some Sparkle.

SodaStream ART™We know we should drink plenty of water, but it isn’t something we crave. But a glass of something effervescent is so much more tempting than a glass of plain water. SodaStream ART™ offers sparkling water in beautiful fashion.

SodaStream ART™ is part of the celebrated SodaStream range which has been gracing kitchen counters for decades. This incarnation is sleek, statuesque, black with stainless-steel trim. The handle is well-designed and comfortable.

This gadget is attractive, but it is also practical. It won’t need a space in the cupboard as it will likely be in constant use. The Art features the new Quick Connect technology for fast and easy CO2 cylinder insertion. It’s simple to connect the soda bottles too.

Unlimited sparkling water

SodaStream ART™ gives a wealth of drink opportunities. Both kids and adults will appreciate the branded drink syrups such as Pepsi and 7up. One can always take advantage of one’s favourite cordials as well. Cocktail lovers will enjoy the prospect of unlimited sparkling water with no worry of large, half-empty bottles of flat water. Use in every recipe where soda water is required. The Diet Tonic Water and Ginger Ale syrups will be bar essentials. SodaStream is for the whole family …and dinner guests too.

SodaStream is a trusted brand of water carbonation machines. They are well-made and the CO2 cylinders and syrups are available at plenty of stores. Summer is almost here so an ideal time to invest in some refreshing drinks.


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