Snugpack for Travel

Gifts for Globetrotters

snugpack towelSnugpack is better known for its camping and outdoor gear than it is for Christmas gifts, but some of their well-chosen products will likely receive a warmer welcome than socks or a pair of fluffy dice. Yes, they offer so much for woodsy sorts, but take a look at their site and find plenty of broader present ideas.

Head To Toe Towel is indeed more than your average towel. It is made with SILVADUR™ Intelligent Technologies, reducing odours and minimising the build-up of bacteria. The antibacterial properties of anodised silver have been known for centuries, with many items such as towels, sleeping bags and base-layer underwear having silver incorporated into their microfibres. Anodised silver breaks down bacteria, reducing both the likelihood of towel-based disease transmission, and the build-up of odours.

The superabsorbent, quick-drying material makes the travel towel a handy carry-along for beach holidays. It has a good size of 120 x 125cm making it convenient yet still light. It can be left to air dry naturally or wrung out to remove excess moisture. For those looking for a smaller and even lighter option then Snugpack offers the Snugpak® Travel Towel Hands & Face. Perfect for freshening up on long flights.

Wash and go!

The Essential Wash Bag is ideal for business travellers or for those who want to forget work and go on a cruise! This compact and practical bag has been designed to organise all of your everyday toiletries in one neat space. Cabin bathrooms never have enough counter space, but Snugpack have the solution.
This attractive bag can hang on the back of the bathroom door or on the shower curtain rail. Everything is within view and easy reach. It has two individual zipped sections for small items, one large storage section and three bottle storage sections to keep all contents clean and safe. There is a detachable mirror, an elastic accessory strap, a carry handle and is fully zippable, so your toothbrush doesn’t roam around your in-flight luggage.

Snugpack has essential items for rugged trippers and all-weather adventurers but also some useful things for those looking for smart practicality. Take a look.

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