Smart Sizzors Multi-purpose Scissors

sizzorsThese are sturdy scissors and perfect for all those projects around the house that might need good blades and a bit of strength. But they are particularly useful in the kitchen where they offer a safe alternative to a sharp and heavy-duty knife.  Smart Sizzors can also be used by youngsters who are showing a bit of culinary interest.

We might all fancy ourselves as budding Jamie Olivers, but chopping like a pro takes years of practice. Smart Sizzors takes on some tasks which might get the job done quicker and with less risk to fingers. Those blades can cut through meat bones and tendons with no trouble, making short work of removing a chicken’s backbone – you need to do that when jointing a chicken or for spatchcocking the bird.

Smart Sizzors can be used in the kitchen to crush garlic, crack nuts, or, as mentioned, as poultry shears. Luckily, they are suitable for both left and right-handed users. The blades of these versatile scissors are better quality than most other household scissor blades. They are manufactured from special steel that has been hardened using a series of heat treatment processes. They stay sharper, and they last much longer. Smart Sizzors include a tensioning screw, so they can simply be tightened again when they work loose with time, and then they continue working as new. The hardened and tempered Smart Sizzors’ curved blades are razor-sharp and perform well where other scissors might struggle.

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