Seeds Garden Kit from Kikkerland

seeds kitIt’s been a strange year and Christmas will likely continue in the same vein. But these times have given us the chance to re-evaluate our lives and what matters. Our gardens have become a focus and Kikkerland have a little Seeds Garden Kit that will remind the lucky recipient of summer days.

This is a handy little tin that contains everything a gardener will need to make it easy to collect, store and swap seeds from their own garden. Each kit includes 20 seed envelopes, 20 wooden seed markers, and a marker pen.

Develop green fingers

To those unfortunates who have not yet had the chance to develop a passion for gardening, this might seem a rather insignificant gift. However, present this kit to anybody who already has or hopes to develop green fingers and you will notice a dreamy expression, otherwise only seen when a gardener leafs through a seed catalogue.

The Seeds Garden Kit doesn’t cost a pile of money but it’s attractive and practical. Seed envelopes will help to keep seeds safely for the grower and enable them to share with others. Those wooden markers will help the gardener keep their seedlings in order and will elevate any potted plant to gift quality.


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