Savyll Non-alcoholic Cocktails

An adult taste.

Savyll Cocktails
Savyll was started by self-proclaimed ‘dinner party mixologist’ Avnish Babla. He has always enjoyed hosting friends and family, and experimenting with his own cocktail inspirations.

When he became an expectant father, he and his wife decided it was time to live healthier lifestyles, and that included moderating alcohol consumption, a good idea for all of us. The name Savyll is derived from the phrase “to be savoured by all”.

Avnish crafted a range of alcohol-free, ready-to-serve cocktails to be sold in neat and classy cans. Savyll only use natural flavours, natural extracts and real cane sugar with no artificial flavours or preservatives. They are low calorie, with less than 5g of sugar per 100ml, so these taste less sweet and have a more sophisticated, adult flavour than some other mocktails.

Sense of drinking real alcohol

Savyll offer non-alcoholic Bellini, Mojito, Moscow Mule and Paloma. I have really enjoyed mocktails from other companies: they are delicious, fruity and fun but many lack the character of the classic spirit-laden originals. Savyll seems to have found the secret to producing non-alcoholic cocktails which truly give the sense of drinking real alcohol. The flavour, mouthfeel and length of finish are all there.

These convenient cans are ideal for any kind of celebration or for a quiet evening in. Consume directly from the can when out on a picnic or pour into your finest glassware and decorate with appropriate garnishes for smart pre-dinner drinks.

Savyll deserve to do well. The packaging is appealing, and the contents are well-crafted. They are very much worth a try.


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