Sausage Man for Autumn

The Sausage Man Cool Weather Warmers

The Sausage Man lentilsThe Sausage Man Ltd. is a successful business that specialises in these delicious Continental delicacies. It began importing fresh sausages in 2005 and since then it has been a provider of products to restaurants, cafés and homes. Delivery is fast and efficient.

The Sausage Man imports their hot dogs, German sausages, and other products from 20 different butchers around Germany. From their brochure one could design one’s own back garden sausage fest, and that could include a selection of sausages as well as the appropriate breads and even mustards. England is famed for English mustard, but it seems that Germany has quite an array of condiments.

The weather is now taking a turn towards autumn. Yes, I hate to remind you, but it will soon be with us. There will still be those days when the barbecue can be wheeled out, and those simply grilled sausages will be as good as when we enjoyed them under the blazing summer sun. But the pleasure can continue: there are other dishes to be made with those aforementioned sausages and they will be a hearty delight.

Family dinnerThe Sausage Man stew

How’s about a steaming platter of sausages (any of The Sausage Man’s meaty goods will do) atop lentils cooked with a rich stock and some veggies? It’s an easy meal to prepare, too. Just heat those sausages through by grilling, heat the pre-cooked lentils with the stock and add the cooked veggies. Serve with some potatoes or some Sausage Man spaetzle. A tasty family dinner and ready in no time.

The Sausage Man helps out with slow-cooked meals, too, for those days when time is short. Just put chopped tomatoes and sautéed onions in a slow cooker. Add slices of your favourite Sausage Man sausages. Cook on low for a couple of hours to allow the flavours to infuse. Just before serving add a couple of spoons of German mustard and stir to warm through. Adjust seasonings and serve with crusty bread.

I love cooking but nobody wants to be chained to the stove. The Sausage Man has a range of goods that will enhance lunch or dinner at any time of year. Use your imagination and invent your own recipes that will become family favourites.


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