Rustle Chips

The Crunch of Luxury.

Who doesn’t like a good crisp? But these are not the usual go-to nibbles: these are made to complement a glass of something special when throwing a smart do. Rustle’s crisps fill that gap between the casual and the delicious, well-textured posh. Rustle Chips are all about crunch and flavour.

Rustle Chips

The Rustle story starts in Croatia, which gave the inspiration for the truffle variety. That is where cofounders Julian, a passionate chef, and Marc, a talented designer, crafted the concept for this flavour and indeed the company.

The Ugly Truffle (is there such a thing as an attractive truffle?) Rustle Chips are made with wild black truffle and potato. The truffle is pleasantly evident here and the seasoning salt complements the favour perfectly. But it’s the extraordinary crunch which is remarkable! That crunch comes from the process: the potatoes are fried in 100% sunflower oil and made in batch style.  They are fried at a lower temperature which makes the thicker cut absorb less oil, preserving the potato flavour and creating that crunch.

This extraordinary blend of wild black truffle and locally sourced gourmet crisps quickly gained a following, captivating food enthusiasts across the globe, from the UK to Mexico.

From Croatia the journey continues into Hungary for the national product, paprika, in Rustle’s Paprika Chips. These have a well-balanced flavour of the real spice, which works so well with potato dishes. They are addictive – they also have that outstanding crunch.

Mexico is the next stop and jalapeño is the spice! Their Jalapeño Chips have delicious impact with the fresh taste of the fruity peppers. That is followed by well-rounded and lingering chilli heat. These are winners!

Yes, Rustle crisps really are award winners. They have achieved two silver Farmshop and Deli Awards for their Truffle and Paprika Chips. Both flavours earned coveted gold stars at the 2023 Great Taste Awards. In November, the Truffle crisps secured bronze at The Grocer’s New Product & Packaging Awards.

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