Royal Mash Vodka

The new sustainable & stylish hand-made spirit launches in Harrods

Royal Mash Ultra-Premium Vintage Vodka, produced using Royal Jersey potatoes, is launching in the UK. Fittingly for a brand with royal heritage connections, its first mainland UK stockist is the top people’s store, Harrods.

Harrods has announced it has found ‘your new favourite tipple’ – vodka. They say: “British vodka producers are magnifying flavour influenced by geography” naming royal Mash Vintage Vodka as one of three of the best spirits we should be ‘pouring at summer soirées‘. Currently in-store in the Knightsbridge flagship outlet, the brand will soon be online at

A glass of water on a tableDescription automatically generated with low confidence Royal Mash Ultra-Premium Vintage Vodka is made from Jersey Royal potatoes that are oversized and which would otherwise not be sold to eat,

This vodka is elegant and, because it uses as its base ingredient, produce that would otherwise go to waste, it is also sustainable.

Harrods describe the brand as having a “soft mouthfeel with delicate but distinctive potato skin and mineral notes. Very mild black pepper spirituous spice”.

Jersey Royal Potatoes are renowned for their superb flavour. The owners of the distinguished new brand have named their vodka after not only the potatoes. The owners have historic royal connections, and the family crest forms part of the logo.

The vodka has been created by two people with a passion for fine food and drinks: Rachel de Caen, a trained chef, and Peter Le Fol du Taillis. The Jersey-based owners have an interesting royal connection too. The Royal Mash logo is the crest of the Le Fol family, who were ennobled by Henry IV in 1594.

Royal Mash Vodka is a 40% ABV ultra-premium, hand-made vintage vodka: vintage because the flavour is affected by the differences, from year to year, of the terroir and the produce each year.

Royal Mash Vodka is packaged in an elegant bottle, topped with a cork and is available in 5cl miniatures, 20cl, and 70cl bottles. The RRP for a 70cl bottle is £36.50.


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The brand is also available via 365 Drinks

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