More Than Just Breakfast.

rollagranolaThis could be for you if you are looking for gluten-free, refined sugar-free granola. Rollagranola offers both boxes and convenient on-the-go pouches filled with healthy ingredients.

The company started with a market stall, and that evidently allowed them to take advantage of direct customer feedback. If you do well in that challenging environment, then you can reasonably assume that you have a winning product.

Rollagranola is luxury, handmade granola in a variety of flavour and ingredient combinations. They also have a selection of vegan, cereal-free, keto and even nootropic products which can be enjoyed as a flavourful breakfast to set you up for the day, and as an anytime snack, but these granolas work in recipes, too!

Try baking with Rollagranola! The website offers great inspiration for recipes for baked goods as well as for taking your granola to another level. Elevate your humble crumble to new heights by adding almost any of these classy goods to your mix. The permutations are endless!

Rollagranola products are delicious and are good for you, although they taste so decadent that that seems unlikely. Healthy and tasty is a great marriage, and with so many varieties breakfast and beyond need not be boring.

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