Rock Rose

A taste of the Scottish seashore delivered to your door 

Rock Rose Citrus Coastal Edition Spring Bundle pictured on the Caithness Beach

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Rock Rose Gin is bringing you a taste of the Scottish seashore, no matter where you are in the UK: a Spring Bundle to make for a coastal-themed cocktail hour.

With the focus on its delicious Citrus Coastal Edition, the distillery is offering a bundle of Scottish cocktail delicacies: a full size (70cl) ceramic bottle of Rock Rose Citrus Coastal Edition, their Lemon Thyme Summer Liquid Garnish, 2 packs of Shore Seaweed Chips and 2 packs of Shore Clusters – both from the Scottish Seaweed Co – plus 4 Cushiedoos Tonic Waters, the luxury Scottish mixers, all for just £50 including P&P available until Sunday 22 May 2002.

This gin expression was cleverly created by Dunnet Bay Distillers who developed this unique recipe using a combination of sixteen ingredients including water mint, lemon verbena grown in the distillery’s own garden, locally foraged kelp, and Scottish liquorice salt. See this video for more details of how it was conceived and made.

Rock Rose Citrus Coastal Edition is a 41.5% ABV gin and the Spring Bundle is available from Dunnet Bay Distillers online shop

Tasting Notes

Rock Rose Citrus Coastal Edition is distilled in a traditional vapour infusion still to produce a flavourful and fresh spirit which is zesty and with a bracing sea air finish. It is inspired by the local Caithness coastline where it is created, in the most northerly part of mainland Scotland where the air is clean and fresh.

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The gin is distilled using kelp, locally foraged by Shore, which delivers an unusual umami note to the gin. On the nose, warm juniper notes giving way to bright lemon and verbena notes. On the palate, expect fresh citrus balanced with oceanic umami flavour of kelp. To finish, a hint of salinity comes through from the liquorice salt with further citrus notes.

The Coastal Edition’s rounded profile is enhanced by the addition of lemon verbena picked from the distillery’s own garden. The lemon verbena is added to the distillation for the aromatic, bright citrus tang it brings to this rather delectable spirit. The taste profile is completed with a touch of liquorice salt, added after distillation, sourced from the Hebridean Mustard Company, to heighten the intriguing coastal tang.

The result is a soft and sweet gin with a delicious, citrussy, salted edge and a fresh finish that is so smooth it can be enjoyed neat or poured over ice. If serving as a G&T, the recommended garnishes for this signature serve are goji berries and a slice of grapefruit or grapefruit zest.

Pictured: Citrus Coastal Edition Perfect Serve