Pico – a kick of spice

An authentic taste of modern India

PicoThe ‘Pico’ concept saw the light of day in a café off Baker Street in London. The co-founders discovered that 1.3 billion people living in India had access to only 3 brands of ketchup! They planned to launch a new delicious and diverse brand of sauces for India.

After moving to India in 2010 to promote the sauces, 10 years later Pico Sauces are now popular and available throughout the Subcontinent, Singapore, the UK and the US. In 2016 Pico won Brand of the Year at a consumer choice awards held in Mumbai.

Pico is an example of the contemporary culinary culture taking hold across India. Cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore have become hubs of food experimentation and gastronomic artistry.

Pico is authentically Indian, as the team is based in Mumbai. They make all of their sauces in India and all of the ingredients are sourced from around India. But Pico represents a freer food philosophy, while always respecting past traditions and taste.

The Pico sauces have great shelf-appeal. The slender bottles sport striking Indian art appropriate for each sauce.

The Pico range includes:

Punjabi Ketchup – a delightful all-rounder. It is said to taste just like the sauce for butter chicken, so it’s no surprise to hear that it is a lovely sauce for pepping up a simple chicken burger or some grilled meat.
Naga Ghost Pepper Sauce – famously hot. Do a taste test before committing too much to a recipe. I think this is a perfect addition to dips: add a drop or two to mayo or even cream cheese. A great sauce for a little spicy experimentation.
Varanasi Tamarind Chutney – a classic, and perfect with Indian chaat salads. It’s tangy and addictive.
Konkan Mango Chilli Sauce – fruity, exotic and the flavour of summer. Another sauce which is perfect with grilled chicken and even pork.

The Pico brand is well worth trying. Each one is distinctive and well-balanced. They offer spice aplenty but also those unmistakable flavours which typify the real soul of Indian food, whether traditional or contemporary.

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