Perfect Pasta at Home

Bring Italy to your kitchen with over 80 quick and delicious recipes.

perfect pastaPerfect Pasta at Home is perhaps the most deliciously practical cookbook I have reviewed in quite a while. Many of us are finding cash a bit tight these days but we have had months of rediscovering the hob, and we want to continue to eat well.

This is a book of many facets. There are simple dishes here which would be perfect for a quick lunch. There are plates which would impress formal dinner guests. In short Perfect Pasta at Home is a culinary problem-solver, and one won’t need a second mortgage in order to create memorable meals.

Family dinner or for discerning visitors

The authors, Pasta Evangelists, share their all-time favourite recipes from across Italy’s 20 diverse regions for easy-to-cook yet truly authentic dishes to suit every taste and pocket. There are plenty of examples of celebrated pasta recipes. Spaghetti Alla Carbonara is a must-have in one’s recipe battery. It works as a family dinner or for discerning visitors. Tagliatelle with Smoked Salmon is smart enough for a dinner party and the whole preparation doesn’t need to cost a fortune; use salmon off-cuts for this, as the fish needs to be chopped anyway.

The Ultimate Lasagne will likely be the most popular recipe in this gorgeous book. It teaches the reader how to create every element of the best lasagne from scratch. This isn’t a quick process, but the resulting dish will be bound to garner such praise that the effort will be pronounced worthwhile.

Perfect Pasta at Home is a one-stop pasta book which even gives step-by-step directions to making one’s own pasta. There is a vegan alternative too, and illustrations on making numerous and classic shapes. One will be able to serve the appropriate sauce with the correct style of pasta and will boast that it’s all homemade.

Perfect Pasta at Home
Author: Pasta Evangelists
Published by: ‎Seven Dials
Price: £20.00
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1841884752