My Winter Kitchen: Warming Recipes for the Coldest Month

My winter kitchenWhat a great little book. My Winter Kitchen: Warming Recipes for the Coldest Months is a book for cooks. Its small format makes it ideal for the kitchen book-stand and that’s where it will live with pages smeared with sauce. I am working my way through each of these delicious recipes, which are written in such polished and charming style. This is for real food lovers.

Paola Westbeek is a professional writer with a love of good food. She grew up in a Colombian-American family in New Jersey and she has included recipes from that heritage across the pond. She edits a magazine which reflects her love of French dishes, and they too are gracing the pages of My Winter Kitchen. Now Paola lives with her family in The Netherlands and there are authentic Dutch recipes here which will dispel the myth that the only food in the Netherlands is cheese.

No finer accolade

My Winter Kitchen is a gem of a book penned by a lady with skills at the stove as well as the keyboard. The recipes are well-researched, and presented with personal anecdotes and memories. This book won’t be consigned to the bookcase but will be used, and there can be no finer accolade. This is a carefully selected group of recipes that actually work and won’t break the bank. It’s a family cookbook in every regard, and it’s deliciously diverse.

If one is looking for the perfect and well-considered gift for somebody with a first home and little space, then a copy of My Winter Kitchen will be an inspired choice. The pages are filled with proper food that will truly encourage a cooking newbie rather than intimidating them. They will be able to make food for every meal and every wintery occasion. It’s a simple culinary winner.

My Winter Kitchen: Warming Recipes for the Coldest Months
Author: Paola Westbeek
Publisher: Independently published
Price: £15.50
ISBN-13: 978-1708893323