Outrigger with Passion

plantation clubbarOutrigger Beach Resort in Mauritius is an oasis of luxury with plenty to do. Food is always a big part of any trip and Outrigger offers a wealth of options.

The high-end dining venue is The Plantation Club with its colonial architecture. There is the intimate dining room as well as a verandah and paved area. There is an open-sided building by the pool, and that’s the bar. It is welcoming in the evening for cocktails and nibbles, and it’s a comfortable and quiet space to enjoy a little reflective time or to meet friends before dinner.

But the cocktails don’t have to end with the trip home. One can take a cookery class and part of that is the preparation of a Caipirinha Passion with Basilic. This is a fruity and deceptively strong cocktail made with the celebrated Chamarel White Rhum (read about the Chamarel Distillery here).

This Caipirinha Passion with Basilic is simple to prepare, and although the recipe specifies lime it actually works very well with lemon. No, that might not be a classic Brazilian Caipirinha, but this is Mauritius after all, and we are using a high quality Chamarel White Rhum to make this truly a taste of Mauritius.

Tip: For those who are not lovers of basil, one can omit the herb from the crushing process, and use it just as a garnish.


CaipirinhaCaipirinha Passion with Basilic

4 cl Chamarel White Rhum

2 cl Fresh passionfruit juice

½ Fresh lemon or lime, cut into small pieces

Fresh basilic (basil)

1 teaspoon raw sugar

Ice cubes



Put sugar, lemon or lime and basil into a mixing jug or tumbler glass.

Muddle the ingredients together until the lemon or lime pieces are well crushed and the herb releases its aromatic oils.

Add the Passionfruit and the Rhum and stir to combine the ingredients.

Pour the cocktail over ice and stir till the Caipirinha Passion with Basilic cocktail is well chilled.

Consume, preferably in the shade of The Plantation Club bar.


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