Ole & Steen Celebrate Midsommar

Danish Bakery Summer.

At last, we have some warm weather. It’s time for al fresco entertaining, picnics and delicious summer foods. Ole & Steen are celebrating Midsommar, a Scandinavian festivity that recognises the summer solstice, by unveiling three special and super-indulgent cakes.

Ole and Steen Raspberry Tart

Ole & Steen are Danish bakers who have built a reputation for quality of baked goods, sandwiches, cakes and tarts. They provide everything one might need for breakfast, lunch, picnic or dessert. Their artisanal loaves of bread are also worth considering if you want to make a stunning sandwich from scratch.

We visited Ole & Steen in Richmond, and they are the perfect pitstop for peckish tourists and shoppers. One can select some treats and take them away, or order coffee or tea and relax in some contemporary leather furniture, and bask in air-conditioned splendour.

But we are talking summery delights, and Ole & Steen have some stunners. British Strawberries and Cream Cake is so evocative of a traditional English summer. It features a white chocolate and lemon sponge topped with strawberry mousse, fresh strawberry, whipped cream and dried rose petals. It tastes as fantastic as it looks.

Raspberry Pistachio Tart, with an almond base topped with dark chocolate, pistachio cream, fresh raspberries and pistachios is bound to be a winner with everybody; and Lemon Cheesecake is a tangy classic and the perfect dessert for a dinner party on a warm summer evening.

Ole & Steen offer a great selection of filled sandwiches and baked goods too, and they are available whatever the weather. Their Cheese and Ham Toasty is a favourite but the whole range is guaranteed to satisfy even the heartiest appetite. A muffin with a nice cuppa tea is the perfect breaktime treat.

Visit Ole & Steen here