Nachos For Dinner

Surprising Sheet Pan Meals the Whole Family Will Love.

Nachos for DinnerNachos make a perfect starter or snack, we all know that, but we can also enjoy that layered concept for other occasions. Nachos For Dinner by Dan Whalen offers inspiration for sheet-pan meals.

Think of a plate of nachos as a pile of delicious ingredients. Yes, they can include the traditional crispy tortilla chips but there are so many other options. One could layer breakfast sausages with American biscuits; chicken with waffles is a classic; falafel replaces a tortilla chip. Plenty of inspiration here for casual sharing eats.

But the main focus of this intriguing book is evidently the toppings for those moreish nibbles. Lots of ideas here for simple dishes which will make stress-free and casual meals for a crowd. Delicious ideas for summer entertaining.  One could enjoy Lamb Gyros nachos for a Greek-inspired evening with friends. Lobster Nachos would impress everybody. Scallion Pancake Nachos will make an unusual starter for an Asian meal. Crispy Bacon Potato Chipchos are designed for an evening by the TV, in which crisps take the place of tortilla chips.

Nachos For Dinner is made for those who want fun meals with little effort.

Nachos For Dinner
Author: Dan Whalen
Published by: Workman Publishing
Price: £17.99
ISBN-13: 978-1523510481