Montezuma’s Have Christmas Chocolate-Covered

Your favourite chocolate but deliciously festive

montezuma snowballWait! What’s that noise? It’s the sound of sleigh bells …or is it the contented munching of some lucky person enjoying a bite of Montezuma’s Christmas goodies?

Montezuma’s have plenty of holiday items from which to choose. There is something to suit every taste and one could always consider making a chocolatey Christmas hamper from their selections. For discerning adults with child-like natures there are Chunky Chocolate Snowmen. They are 100% cocoa and would be perfect with an after-dinner coffee.

Not all of us want ‘serious’ chocolate so we might hanker after the Peanut Butter White Chocolate Snowballs. These are perfect for those who have an allergy to regular chocolate. Lots of people can’t eat milk or dark but will enjoy white chocolate. These won’t last long chez nous.

Perhaps the most traditional and charming of all Montezuma’s products are their Advent Calendars.  They offer Absolute Black 100% Cocoa Advent Calendar, Kids Like No Udder Advent Calendar which is made from an organic chocolate alternative, Organic Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar, and the Christmas Truffle Advent Calendar. These treats will deliciously mark the countdown to the big day.

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