Miso Harissa

Mellow warmth.

miso-harissaBelazu jars have long been recognisable on good supermarket shelves. They have Rose Harissa and vegan Ve Du Ya (See my review here) amongst others. Now they have created a delicious and unique fusion called Miso Harissa.

In collaboration with the team at Miso Tasty, Belazu have crafted Miso Harissa. This red paste combines their signature Rose Harissa with Miso Paste. It is packed with flavours showing the sweet, salty, sour, chilli and umami characters found in the combination of these iconic preserves.

Aromatic ingredients

Miso Paste is quintessentially Japanese and is made simply with water, soya beans, rice and salt. Harissa Paste is made using rehydrated red peppers, sunflower oil, garlic, salt, spices, rose petals and a host of other aromatic ingredients. The marriage of these two pastes produces a warming yet well-rounded profile which is so very versatile.

A few spoons of Miso Harissa added to a vegetable or meat casserole will add depth. It is wonderful when included as an extra condiment for homemade ramen – a cheap dish and economic when money is tight these days. Put a little with your favourite pasta dishes or use as a rub mixed with butter, under the skin of turkey or chicken before roasting. The paste will melt and baste the bird with flavourful juices.

Miso Harissa from Belazu is the perfect store-cupboard ingredient, and especially as the weather gets colder.

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