Mexgrocer for Mezcal and More

Being home and entertaining at home is the new and not always appreciated normal. We have found our kitchens as well as our drinks cabinets, and we are taking more interest in both cooking and cocktails. Positives indeed in these months of fear and disappointment. Mexgrocer has added to our battery of ingredients for dinner and a drink.

For those unfortunates who have only ever ‘enjoyed’ run-of-the-mill agave-based beverages then Mexgrocer has some treats in store – or more accurately online. Step away from your habitual tipple and try Mezcal. No, it’s not just another tequila, and one sip will convince you of that fact. Yes, it’s made of a particular agave, but the unique roasting process gives a distinctive flavour which I actually prefer to that of regular tequila.

mezcal ojo de diosOjo De Dios for smoky perfection

Ojo De Dios – meaning God’s eye – is a smooth and characterful Mezcal and one for sipping neat over ice or as a unique take on a classic Margarita. Maestro Mezcal maker Francisco Ortiz is a 3rd generation producer. The Espadin agave is sustainably farmed in the region of San Luis del Rio. Planting this agave starts the long journey until harvesting at full maturation. It takes 7 or 8 years for the agave to reach maturity, with the plant only then offering maximum sugars which will be turned into alcohol.

After cutting the pineapple-like piña and removing all but the stubs of leaf, the process of cooking the hearts of the agave begins; that can take up to 10 days in an underground pit fired with oak logs. The cooked hearts are then crushed with a traditional press called a tahona. The agave fibres and juices are then naturally fermented and finally double-distilled in copper stills. The resulting alcohol is watered down for sale to an ABV of 42%.


Tasting notes:

Appearance: crystal clear

Nose: white blossom, grapes, apple, leather, and tobacco

Palate: stone fruits, delicate smoke with a hint of sweetness

Finish: pleasingly long with lingering tobacco and leather


Smoky Ojos De Dios Mezcal Margarita

25ml or 50ml Ojo de Dios Mezcal (depending on one’s taste)

25ml real Lime Juice – not bottled, and not lemon

A few dashes of your favourite hot sauce (Mexgrocer offers El Yucateco Caribbean Habanero)

Lime wedge for moistening the rim of the glass

Spice mix for rimming the glass (Tajin Classic Seasoning from Mexgrocer works well)

Ice cubes

Cocktail shaker

Margarita glass if possible

Sprinkle the spice mix onto a small saucer. Rub the lime wedge around the rim of the glass to moisten. Place the rim of the glass on the spice and coat the moistened area.

Put the ice in the shaker followed by the lime juice and the mezcal. Add just a drop of the hot sauce – you can add more later if needed.

Shake vigorously till the cocktail is well chilled and strain into the prepared glass. Enjoy this spicy Smoky Ojos De Dios Mezcal Margarita with tortilla chips and green salsa.

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