Mestizo Restaurant and Tequila Bar, London – review

Mestizo barYou might say you like “Mexican” food. You might have had “Mexican” food on trips to the US and Taco Bell might be your favourite fast food but, dear reader, your experience is probably a faint shadow of the real extravaganza awaiting you at Mestizo.

Mestizo Restaurant and Tequila Bar has a convenient location just around the corner from Euston Square Underground station. Its atmosphere is of dark wood charm but the impressive bar hints at fun times to be had. This establishment has a collection of Tequilas (over 130 at last count) enough to make any London-based Mexican quite home-sick. The restaurant has quite a cult following amongst the expat Mexicans. That has got to be an indication of this restaurant’s authenticity. It already has the vote of those in the know.

Mestizo offers food that is hard or impossible to find outside Mexico. I wonder why these dishes haven’t had the exposure of other ethnic cuisines. It can only be that Europe has only a slight cultural exchange with those countries that rest south of Texas and California. Mexican food has migrated to its neighbour to the North but has often been adulterated during transit. Tex-Mex food might be vibrant and zesty but it isn’t a patch on food to be found south of the border.

Restaurant review Mestizo dancerThis week (8th-13th September) Mestizo hosts a Gastronomic Week. This offers visitors a chance to sample authentic regional dishes. You’ll be plied with tempting foods from ten states, each with its own culinary characteristics and specialities. There is a special menu available with a selection of 20 starters and 20 main courses to choose from. There are dishes here that you would have heard mentioned in movies and now it’s your chance to try Tamales (a personal favourite and a must-try at this restaurant), Mole (another evocative dish) and Enchiladas (comforting and delicious with all the flavours that set Mexican food apart from other cuisines).

If you can’t get to Mestizo this week then consider celebrating Mexican Independence Day there on 15th September. You’ll need to book in advance for this popular soiree. This evening has a “reputation” so you’ll also be invited to Curate la Cruda on Wednesday 16th September. It’s a hangover-cure evening!

I’ll be presenting a full review of Mestizo Restaurant and Tequila Bar very soon but I can tell you that I am already impressed by both the food and the ambiance. This is continental drift of the most exciting kind. This is where Mexico truly meets London. I look forward to my return.

Mestizo Restaurant and Tequila Bar
103 Hampstead Road
Phone 020 7387 4064


Restaurant review by Chrissie Walker © 2018