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It’s true! I am an unashamed fan of high-end resorts worldwide. I enjoy comfort, amenity and, of course, food. Outrigger Beach Resort and Spa has all of that, and Mercado Market Dining tempts three times each day.

This is a casual buffet restaurant located in a replica of a Mauritian sugar factory. It boasts high ceilings with arched terracotta brickwork. The floor plan allows for division of chef stations, and there is even an area especially for kids at dinner time. Parents can leave youngsters with responsible staff and go off for a romantic meal at, perhaps, Outrigger’s Plantation Club (review to follow).

Mercado Market Dining is a buffet restaurant. I know my dear sceptical reader will raise an eyebrow at even the prospect of anything other than waiter service, but this is a holiday resort where casual ambience, choice and quality go hand in hand. I stayed at Outrigger for 10 days and the food offerings at Mercado and the other restaurants were always first class. No, I don’t know how they do it, but the partnership between skilled chefs and good management must surely play a part.

Pastries and breads are outstanding

The breakfast buffet starts at 7.30. There are stations where chefs will prepare fresh egg dishes or even Indian specialities, and there are pancakes for the less adventurous. There are the usual breakfast pastries and breads and they are outstanding: as good as one would find in the best of bakeries in Europe. But why not take advantage of, for instance, a Chinese breakfast? It’s all here. We mentioned the younger visitors. This is a wonderful opportunity to introduce children to a range of new foods and even different cuisines in unthreatening fashion. This could be part of the holiday adventure.

Good food at Mercado continues with lunch. One can tour the world plate by plate! The Indian food station will offer several curries along with rice or Indian bread, pickles and chutneys. There are always several pasta dishes, cheeses and an array of salads and cold meats. There is everything here for a perfect meal and something to suit every member of the family. Kids will have spotted that dessert puts in an appearance, too! The patisserie chefs here turn out small fancy cakes, creamy gateaux, luscious fruit tarts and chocolate treats every day. But don’t miss out on the traditional Indian rice pudding! And yes, there is always plenty of fresh fruit for those who have spent the morning at the Navasana Spa.

A culinary extravaganza

Dinner at Mercado could find the Mauritius Outrigger guest being transported to Greece, Spain, or any number of other countries. Every evening there is a culinary extravaganza dedicated to another national cuisine. Food is never boring. Those with dietary requirements are considered, so everybody can enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Mercado Market Dining is fun, colourful, generous, delicious and appreciated by everybody – true foodies as well as conservative eaters. Those looking for familiar dishes will find plenty. Even the fussiest eater will be spoilt for choice. Parents will love the variety of healthy options, and there are lots of tasty plates to inspire bolder food lovers. I will look forward to returning for more of my favourite Tandoori chicken, a bowl of pasta carbonara, and a slice of cheesecake. It’s a buffet which demonstrates just how good and diverse a buffet can be.


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