Mediterranean Grill by Assembly

Harrods Dining Hall.

Harrods Dinning HallHarrods has long enjoyed a reputation for stocking the finer things in life. There are diamonds and watches aplenty, along with almost anything that a discerning customer might desire. The Food Hall offers provisions from near and far, and all perfectly displayed. Now we have Mediterranean Grill by Assembly in the Harrods Dining Hall so we can also enjoy eating some sumptuous foods, too.

Mediterranean Grill by Assembly offers dishes influenced by ingredients from the Eastern Mediterranean and inspired by Levantine and Arabic cuisine. These are distinct flavours and here they are refined and delicate. There is something for every taste and appetite.

‘Chef Tommy’, Greek-born Athanasios Kargatzidis is the founder of successful restaurants Baron in Beirut, Greek-food pop-up à la grecque in Dubai, and restaurant Costa Fria in Ericeira in Portugal. Mediterranean Grill by Assembly in Harrods Dining Hall is a worthy addition to this culinary stable.

Historic Harrods

Harrods sallopsThe restaurant has a relaxing ambiance with the beautiful decor giving a nod to historic Harrods. The tiles are iconic, the lighting is gentle, offering a relaxing haven from the frenetic pace of tourists shopping just outside.

We sat at the bar-seating in front of the open grill station. There was the animated theatre of bustling chefs, well-managed flames and tantalising aromas.  For those who can’t manage those high bar-stools, and I confess it’s a struggle for this lady of a ‘certain age’, then there are cosy tables.

The dishes here are designed to be shared. Three per person should be adequate as a full meal. To start, we chose Hummus with Prawn and Crab Sauce, Whipped Tahini and Sumac, and Pita Bread with Spiced Butter for scooping. On the face of it, simple dishes but that hummus was refined and the pita so soft and flavourful and hot from the aforementioned grill.

Scallop and Roe with Miso Butter, Shoyu, Sesame and Spring Onion was pure luxury. Save some of that bread for dipping. Those juices were so mouthwatering and the seafood so tender. The presentation on half-shells was classic and Instagram-worthy.

The meat was perfectly grilled

Harrods Duck RiceHeirloom Tomato Salad with Tuna and Anchovy Dressing acted as a fresh and summery palate cleanser and a side dish for my Grilled Chicken Skewers with Cider Vinegar, Herb Chutney and Lemon. The meat was perfectly grilled, with a delicate char lending even more flavour to the moist meat. These skewers were complemented by the tomatoes and a few branches of Tenderstem Broccoli Steamed with Lemon Zest.

Duck Rice is composed of Confit Duck Leg, Date Soujouk Sofrito, Dibs Rumman (Pomegranate molasses) and outstanding Bomba Rice. The rice is a Spanish rice often used for Paella. One of its unique characteristics is its ability to absorb two or three times its volume in water without turning to paste. The rice was topped with a slow-cooked duck leg with juicy meat and mahogany-coloured skin, and all served in a Chinese clay pot. If you only have time to dine on one dish, then this should be it.

Mediterranean Grill by Assembly is a calming and delicious experience. It is an oasis populated by friendly and knowledgeable staff. The food is thoughtful and tempts the diner to return often to explore other menu items. The dishes we tried set the bar high, but I know that my future plates will not disappoint.


The Dining Hall entrance is via Luxury Accessories on the Ground Floor via street-level access, or in-store (Door 8). Access via Door 8 on the Brompton Road after store closure.

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