Amsterdam Marco Polo Pocket Travel Guide 2018 – book review

Amsterdam Marco Polo Pocket Travel Guide 2018I am a fan of these comprehensive little guides. I took this one on a test run to Amsterdam and it proved to be worth the money. It’s more than a book with a map at the back. Amsterdam Marco Polo Pocket Travel Guide 2018 is a travel aid …and fun, too!

I am a food writer and was therefore particularly interested in finding some hidden gems of culinary Amsterdam. Yes, I know that The Netherlands doesn’t have a great reputation for food, but one can eat really well here. It’s just a matter of having insider tips.

We took the Marco Polo Amsterdam foodie self-tour. This introduced us to places that we would likely have missed. The weather was cold and wet and the streets were crowded with folks eating nothing more exciting than fries – although they are very good fries. But there is more to Amsterdam than potatoes.

Took us to a characterful café

The Marco Polo Amsterdam Pocket Guide took us to a characterful café serving outstanding tea and coffee as well as Dutch specialities. We had the place to ourselves apart from a few locals who were in the know. We were guided to a Chinese supermarket and a gin-tasting and distillery tour. We would probably have struggled to find all these without some insider recommendations.

Marco Polo Pocket Guide Amsterdam includes full-colour photos throughout the book, bringing the city to life and offering you a real taste of what you can see and enjoy on your trip. It’s a book worth reading before you leave home.

It has a Touring App – download any of the Discovery Tours to your smartphone, complete with the detailed route description and map exactly as featured in the guide, free of charge. The maps can be used offline too, so no roaming charges. We used this, and it proved to be a great help.  The Street Atlas and pull-out map is a handy addition, and an aid to planning the time in Amsterdam before we set off.

Marco Polo Pocket Guide to Amsterdam offers everything a traveller would need for a short break in this fascinating city. It gives positive support for those who are interested in food, culture, art and architecture. It’s a rich and diverse city with so much to see off that well-beaten path.

Amsterdam Marco Polo Pocket Travel Guide 2018
Publisher: MAIRDUMONT GmbH & Co. KG
Price: £7.99
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3829707606
ISBN-13: 978-3829707602