Love Yourself at Home

Love yourself foodThese are strange times. Until recently we could go out to cafes and restaurants… and even food shops. Those days will return, but life goes on and we all need to find healthy meals that won’t need too much social interaction. Love Yourself is a premium food delivery company and that food is cooked and ready to heat and eat. No standing in line.

Freshly prepared meals are delivered daily, with a Michelin-trained chef overseeing specially designed and healthy dishes. Subscribers can choose from a variety of delicious, calorie-controlled diets including Balanced Diet, Vegetarian Diet, Performance Diet and Keto Diet. There is something for every taste and need.

The freshly-made chosen-diet meals are delivered daily to your home each evening (Sunday to Thursday) between 7-10pm. They will be ready to enjoy the following day. Some are cold and others are ready to heat.

The Balanced Diet is the Love Yourself best-selling selection. It is simple: each day’s spread contains the recommended amount of fresh meat, fish and vegetables. It has no additives, preservatives or processed meat so one can be assured that each meal is as good as you would have prepared yourself and, for some of us, even better.

Love Yourself have won the Best Subscription Box at the Quality Food Awards. Head Chef Michal Snela, who has worked in Michelin restaurants alongside Marcus Wareing, uses his gastronomic skills to design these meals.

Neither boring nor predictable

 Love Yourself lamb

A food delivery service is a godsend at the moment and Love Yourself deliver daily – 5 meals in the box which contains Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and two Snacks. I have tried a days-worth of meals and nibbles and every item was great quality and certainly neither boring nor predictable. Each dish has heating instructions where necessary along with all nutritional information.

Breakfast was hearty oat porridge with raspberries and toasted hazelnuts. Everybody loves a treat of something special between meals. It’s perfect when those nibbles are actually guilt-free and healthy. My morning snack was a memorable turmeric-spiced cauliflower soup in coconut milk. I hope Chef Snela will send me the recipe for that one. Yes, it was that good.

One has a certain degree of freedom with Love Yourself. There is the latitude to move the meals around, as the chef will never know. I enjoyed courgette with ricotta, peas and mint for lunch instead of dinner, Lamb with vegetables and sweet potato mash for dinner instead of lunch, and the afternoon snack of cinnamon-spiced avocado pudding morphed into dessert.

This day could not have been less stressful. Every meal was perfectly prepared, and the menu was imaginative. Serve Love Yourself on your best crockery, open a bottle of red (no need to drink it all on one night) and remember those days when you were enjoying this quality of food in a restaurant.


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