Lixir Drinks

The Tonic with a Difference.


Matt and Jordan are bartenders and friends, and they had an idea during a night out. Luckily, they remembered it the following morning, and so the concept of Lixir Drinks was born.

This is a company specialising in mixers for the discerning barman/woman/person. Each bottle combines imaginative flavour pairings with less sugar, fewer calories and nothing artificial. They have created a brand that has a fresh approach, attracting those who want to try something a little different.

It took over a year to perfect the balance of flavours, paying special attention to the quality of the ingredients. Quinine is the classic flavour profile for tonic, but the Lixir team wanted to produce something a little less bitter. All their tonics have less quinine for a more balanced taste with, in my opinion, greater appeal.

Since its launch in 2018 through a successful crowdfunding campaign, Lixir Drinks has evolved into an award-winning mixer brand, with their drinks available to gin-and-tonic lovers across the UK and the world. The flavour combinations are contemporary and tempting for those of us who want to step away from the predictability of the usual tonic suspects.

The Lixir Tonic Water range includes the Classic Indian, Refreshingly Light, Rhubarb and Ginger, Elderflower and Lemon, Blood Orange and Cinnamon, and Pink Grapefruit which is my personal favourite. The flavours are subtle yet pleasingly distinct. A mixed collection of Lixir drinks would be the perfect gift for any gin lover who might be looking for that special tonic to complement their go-to spirit.


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