Lily O’Brien’s large Personalised Keepsake Photo Box

Lily photo boxLily O’Brien’s has done it again. They present wonderful gift ideas for every occasion, but they are also perfect for those ‘be good to me’ days. Just in time for Father’s Day they are offering a Personalised Keepsake Photo Box. One can upload one’s chosen snaps and Lily does the rest!

This sturdy and well-designed box has a lid for inserting a photo of loved ones, perhaps a favourite holiday destination, or even a picture of that vintage car you would buy your Dad if you won the lotto. The pictures will be treasured but it’s the contents of that chest which will be very much appreciated too!

Lily O’Brien’s large Personalised Keepsake Photo Box contains 60 of the finest chocolates, with varieties to suit every discerning taste. It’s 790g of chocolatey heaven from the New Elite Collection. The selection includes Zesty Orange Chocolate, tangy Key Lime Pie, Himalayan Salted Caramel (grab this one first), Sticky Toffee, Death by Chocolate, Le Crunch Chocolat, Honeycomb (a classic), Almond Crunch, Espresso Caramel for coffee lovers, and Marbellini, an addictive combination of white and dark chocolate.

Lily O’Brien’s never disappoint. They compete with those chocolates from expensive confectionery boutiques. They give the delicious impression of being hand-made by a skilled chocolatier, probably in Paris and with a very exclusive client list. In fact, one can buy them online and in many good supermarkets, and the company is Irish. Quel horreur!

You gotta love Lily O’Brien’s chocolates. I do …and any chocolate-loving Dad will as well!

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