Lily O’Brien’s Caramel Jewels Collection – review

Irish-flavoured chocolates

OBriens chocs These really are little gems. Anyone who loves caramel will appreciate these beautifully crafted and delicious chocs from a lady called Lily.

Lily O’Brien’s Chocolates are made by a real O’Brien, although actually a Mary. It all started as a mini enterprise launched from her Kildare kitchen in 1992.

The new chocolate box includes 10 unique recipes:

Sea Salted Caramel – Creamy caramel paired with sea salt, set into a milk chocolate shell

Himalayan Salted Caramel – Pink Himalayan salt blended with caramel, encased in a dark chocolate shell. This is my favourite!

Butterscotch Caramel – Caramel with rich buttery and scalded brown sugar tones, smothered in milk chocolate

Irish Burnt Caramel – Toasted dark brown sugar, caramelised to a deliciously rich and full flavour, enrobed in rich dark chocolate

Maple Caramel – Aromatic, sweet maple, perfectly paired with indulgent creamy caramel, inside a dark chocolate shell

OBriens portrait Passion Fruit Salted Caramel – Tart and fruity passion fruit superbly partnered with rich caramel for a sweet/sharp balance, captured in a dark chocolate shell

Dulce De Leche – Classic Argentinian flavour of mellow caramelised milk, merged into a soft luxury caramel, in a beautiful blend of white and dark chocolate

Chilli and Lime Caramel – Zesty lime oil and guajillo chilli team up to create a wonderful dark chocolate full of vibrant heat

Hazelnut Caramel – Whole toasted hazelnut nestled in soft caramel, surrounded by milk and white chocolate

Sticky Toffee – Sticky, rich, gooey and delicious caramel wrapped in a combination of milk and dark chocolate

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Product review by Chrissie Walker © 2018