Kröller-Müller – The beginning of a New World

From 1 June to 29 September 2019 at The Kröller-Müller

The summer exhibition

The Beginning of a New World

The development of modern sculpture is the perfect occasion to visit the Kröller-Müller. For the first time ever, the museum tells the story of the modern sculpture collection, seen through the eyes of Bram Hammacher, director of the museum from 1948 to 1963.

Unique ‘profile’

Immediately upon his appointment, Hammacher chooses a new direction: seeking to document the development of modern sculpture at an international level. Hammacher succeeds in bringing together a collection of sculptures that gives the museum a unique ‘profile’. Bold and exceptional, because at that time, there were very few major museums with an emphasis on sculpture.

Hammacher makes his mark on the collection with work by world-renowned artists such as Jean Arp, Barbara Hepworth, Jacques Lipchitz, Marino Marini, Henry Moore, Auguste Rodin and Ossip Zadkine.

Hammacher’s ultimate dream is the creation of a sculpture garden. That dream is realized in 1961: the garden is opened to widespread international interest. The concept, a labyrinthine garden in which nature and sculpture are regarded as equal, is completely new and revolutionary at the time. As of that moment, the Kröller-Müller became one of the most important international museums for modern sculpture.

A visit to The beginning of a new world is great to combine with a visit to De Hoge Veluwe National Park. Come for a picnic in the sculpture garden, enjoy the outdoor restaurant and then take a free white bicycle for a trip through the park. All the ingredients for a wonderful holiday are right there!

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