The Kew Gardens Cookbook

A Celebration of Plants in the Kitchen.

kew garden cookbookWe understand more than ever the importance of food. Food is a unifying cultural force, but food security is one of the greatest challenges facing the world. Increased prices and food shortages are a new reality for many. There are 50,000 different plant species that are edible, but 90% of our food energy intake currently comes from just 15 crop plants.

The Kew Gardens Cookbook is arranged into half a dozen chapters covering leaves, roots and squashes, grains and pulses, fungi, herbs and spices, and fruit and nuts. The book offers over 60 tempting vegetarian recipes from celebrity chefs, cooks and food writers who take Kew Gardens as their culinary inspiration.

The recipes here are an eclectic mix from a host of countries, showcasing their food heritage. Chetna Makan presents Red Kidney Beans and Potato Curry. Ching-He Huang has Veggie Chow Mein which is gluten-free and high in fibre. Ken Hom entices us with his Thai-inspired Mixed Vegetable Salad made with common supermarket staples. Thane Prince gives us comfort with her British Steamed Mushroom Pudding. Delicious and hearty, and a winter winner.

The Kew Gardens Cookbook is the perfect volume for those looking for a broad-based celebrity cookbook, as well as those seeking some unique vegetarian recipes.

The Kew Gardens Cookbook: A Celebration of Plants in the Kitchen
Author: Jenny Linford
Published By: Kew Publishing
Price: £18.00
ISBN-13: ‎978-1842467459