Jewish Holiday Table

A World of Recipes, Traditions and Stories to Celebrate All Year Long.

Jewish Holiday TableFood is an ice breaker. It’s comforting to enjoy food with friends, and The Jewish Holiday Table offers plenty of inspiration for delicious meals.

Collected by the Jewish Food Society, an organization dedicated to preserving Jewish cuisine around the world, the 135 recipes and accompanying stories in The Jewish Holiday Table are a dazzling expression of all the ways we celebrate through what we bring to the table. There is rich history here as well as tempting dishes.

The recipes are international, each one reflecting the geographic location. This is a culinary tapestry of taste. There is a Persian Rosh Hashanah feast, a Ukrainian-Mexican Seder, an Iraqi spread for Purim. The book introduces Jewish food and is divided by holiday. But these recipes can equally be enjoyed by non-Jews at any time of year.

I have quite a few pick-of-the-book recipes from The Jewish Holiday Table. Latkes with Short Ribs makes a delicious starter. Coconut cookies are easy to make and perfect with a cup of tea. Juniper Gravlax isn’t difficult to make and is always a hit with guests. Beef Curry is a real winter warmer and reflects the cuisine of the Jews from India. Messer Wot is an Ethiopian lentil stew packed with flavour – and economic, too! This is a must-try from this book.

The Jewish Holiday Table
Author: Naama Shefi
Published by: ‎Artisan
Price: £30.00
ISBN-13: 978-1648290978